The NFC Calendar is Near Field Communication for your Refrigerator.

The NFC Calendar NFCTapCard© uses our Pat. Pending process to create an NFC enabled fridge magnet used to 'tap' into your online schedules and calendars.

The NFCTapCard© is about the size of a regular business card and you simply place it right on your fridge. Get rid of all those expensive and space wasting paper calendars. Now the whole family can access an online calendar with just a 'Tap'.

Our NFC fridge magnets allow you to tap and connect to your Home, Work, School, Sports or Music online calendar. The most popular online calendars, ie Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, are available to choose from. Or set a custom destination to the online calendar of your choice.

NFCTapCard© calendars are the Near Field Communication answer to the paper fraught fridge.
Today, people keep their information/schedules online using free services like Google or Yahoo. Now you can have the whole family (armed with NFC enabled Smartphones) ‘Tap’ into an online calendar.

Take the the 'communication fridge' in your home to the next level. Choose from one of our Home, Work, School, Dance or Music themed NFC Calendar© cards. Or, Customize your Calendar fridge magnet at no extra cost.

The NFC Calendar card is just $9.95 plus s/h
This is less then the average cost of a paper magnet style calendar that is only good for one year

The NFCTapCard© calendar magnet from works on any fridge or metal surface. It can be easily removed, or moved, because this is not a sticker. The NFCTapCard© calendars are our pat. pending solution to static paper calendars and fridge clutter.

User Feedback

'Every Small Business should be using NFC for marketing' - Jim R.,

NFC Quick Fact

'Near Field Communication applications market is expected to reach $10 Billion USD by 2016',